Woo who?

Profile 1 IMG_0580Woo food. Woo, as in ‘to woo a lover’. Or one’s belly.

I’ve created this blog to share stories of food that have wooed me. Ideas, recipes, and meals found by exploring, sampling, dreaming …

‘Visualising’ flavours is a habit of mine, and I cook, bake, and dine out because I love good food. Eating healthy food is also important to me: meals that have been made from quality, fresh ingredients; low in fat, low in sugar, and full of nutrition.

Genetics could probably assume responsibility for some of these food habits … my father is a very talented chef and baker, and obsessed with health. My grandfather was also a very talented chef. Coming from a land of milk and honey (New Zealand), I’ve also grown up with easy access to quality, homegrown produce.

Recently, my curious taste buds have wandered to Melbourne, and then some. I’ve planed, trammed, and trained my way from Asian fusion to Mexican; sorbet sandwiches to beetroot-cured salmon; and dumplings to coffee.

There’s plenty to go around, so follow me on my adventures, join me on the ride!

Janine x

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